july 26, 2022 BY Amit mallick

pooja room : Identify the Right Direction and Location

According to Vastu principles, the north-east is the divine direction and you must place your prayer room in this direction. 

july 26, 2022  BY  susmita biswal

Study Table Design

If you’re a college student in need of a reliable desk, you’ve come to the right place. A quality desk is essential for getting you through those long days and nights of learning, completing exams, writing papers, and more.

Desks these days are more than just a piece of furniture- they are ergonomically designed to give their users the best range of operation. Functioning as everything from a straightforward desk with storage for books on an elevated shelf, and sometimes even a dining table- a desk nowadays does it all!

JUly 26, 2022  BY  sunil mahapatra

Modular Kitchen Design

Modular kitchen is a contemporary concept of kitchen which comprises of drawers, cabinets and shelves organized in a manner that saves up on a lot of space. These kitchens are modern and convenient in terms of organizing limited spaces, especially in the apartment-style living spaces of crowded cities

JULY 26, 2022  BY Karisma dash


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